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Praise for Subject to Control



"...we're immediately enthralled by Beeler's embodiment of the character. Innocent and curious, every motion, every line, every motivation deeply rooted – a true symbiosis of actor and character.

When Luciani's Conductor enters to begin the day's research, we are treated to a truly talented comedic duo. Luciani is excitable and charming but maintains his control of the situation, establishing for the audience where the power is. As the days and months of research go by, however, the play begins to experiment with those power dynamics; indeed, the play is as much about the transfer of power between characters as it is a hilarious exploration of the human condition under such trying circumstances.

As the Conduit exercises her free will and begins to experience just what it is to be a human being – mentally and, ahem, physically – we are treated to a skillfully sculpted naivete that leads to genuine, beautiful discovery. The energy put into creating these characters is palpable; each actor fully embraces moments of agency and urgency, and the comedy comes from an increasingly honest place. Yoho's direction serves the actors well, a keen third set of eyes to polish and hone what Luciani and Beeler so painstakingly craft..."


- Shanon Weaver's review of Subject to Control in the 5/27/2016 issue of The Austin Chronicle. Read the entire glowing review here.


If you've always liked Samuel Beckett or Eugene Ionesco, but also thought that their plays needed more toilet jokes, then you will love this play. I did. Go see it.

Alissa Z.

Funny, smart, trippy, and super, super committed, with sharp-as-hell writing and bonkers performances. Go! See! For! Yourself!

Amy G.

Awesome performance, oscar level acting, creates a whole different world, still thinking about it---it pokes you after you see it.

Patricia H.

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I saw Subject to Control last night at SVT. This BRAND NEW PLAY was incredibly written and expertly performed by Kaci Beeler and Curtis Luciani, who brought it the *fuck* home last night. Rob Yoho's impeccable direction shone with seamless staging and Lindsey McGowen was flawless as always on lights. The play itself was dark and delightful, daring and captivating. I was constantly surprised and delighted. This show somehow combines the discovery and energy of improv with the precision and intention of scripted theatre. Friends, this is GOOD THEATRE in its purest form. It's well worth your time.

Margaret H.

This show made me proud of Austin's talent level. If you're a comedy person or theater person, you would be mistaken to miss it. Kaci Beeler, Curtis Luciani, and Rob Yoho have invested so much to put together a very challenging and tight production which is nothing you could possibly expect, yet you'll relate to this evolving relationship. If you don't you're not human. It literally operates on it's own plane and never dulls. So do yourself a favor and go see this show before the run ends!!

Anthony E.

I just saw American Berserk Theatre's new play Subject to Control, directed by Rob Yoho. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. Here are my thoughts after seeing the show: The world is a scary place, especially when I isolate myself. Taking orders from outside of myself is easy; living in the gray area is hard. Trying to control myself and others makes me feel safe, but it costs me something. True human connection is messy when it's all out there on the table, but that's what makes it beautiful and that's where the meaning is. Also, poop is still really funny to me. If you want to see a show that will connect you back to your primal yearning for certainty and then break that all down through poop, masterbation, and sleep deprivation, then this is the show for you! But seriously, you guys. It's so exciting to see a new play, especially when it's a good play. And my heart feels a little lighter from the laughter.

Corey M.

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