At American Berserk Theatre, we aim to make work that is unapologetic, provocative, and above all, ridiculously fun. We produce whatever new American theatre we feel like making with as many diverse and passionate weirdos as we can fit into a tiny and poorly insulated rehearsal space and/or theatre and/or living room.


We like our work best when it's a mix of high-brow and low-brow, comedy and drama, trash craft and fine art. 


Isn't it awesome when live theatre is accessible, eclectic, affecting, and responsive to the world around it? We're striving for that. And like at least one fantastic toilet joke per production. 


American Berserk Theatre: Weird. Brash. Fun.


American Berserk Theatre is an Austin-based creative collective that originally founded in 2016 when Kaci Beeler, Curtis Luciani, and Rob Yoho premiered their critically-acclaimed new play Subject to Control .


ABT's Subject to Control (2016)
ABT's For Time & Eternity (2017)
Killer Girls (2018)
ABT's For Time & Eternity (2017)
TA&TM at OOB 2015
ABT's Subject to Control (2016)
Killer Girls (2018)
The Reason (2016)
Killer Girls (2018)
Blood, Sweat, and Cheers (2013)
Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe (2010)
Killer Girls (2018)
Who is T. Henry Baudecliffe? (2010)
Killer Girls (2018)
TA&TM at Wafflefest 2013
F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald
Catchin' Frogs (2012)

From there ABT grew as a springboard for a wider, weirder, and more diverse theatrical collaboration (which brought to life 2017's For Time & Eternity and 2018's Killer Girls).

Co-Founders and Producers Kaci and Curtis are best known for their improv comedy duo The Amazon and The Milksop, and ABT has its roots in the work they have been collaborating on since 2009, including critically and peer acclaimed productions Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe?, Fitzgeralds For Hire, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Save The World!, Girl Embassy World Team, and Blood, Sweat, and Cheers, among many others.

In the summer of 2018, local actors, writers, and improvisers Margaret Hunsicker and J.R. Zambrano were added to the ABT Company.

See our current and up-to-date company listing here.


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F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Save The World! (2014)